Schothorst: Review of fat feeding values

17-09-2010 | | |

Schothorst Feed Research has published a book entitled “A review of the feeding value of fats and oils in feeds for swine and poultry”.

The main use of fats and oils in animal feeds is increasing the energy content of the feed economically. Therefore, knowledge about the digestibility of the fat for each animal category, the metabolisible energy content and the efficiency with which this energy can be used for different production goals are of paramount importance for evaluating the fat source of choice.

Recently, some countries relaxed the usage of animal fats in animal feeds again, and it is to be expected that in the near future animal proteins will be allowed to be used as feedstuffs for animal feeds again – hence the need for a review.

The book, published by Schothorst Feed Research, comprises five chapters and 64 pages, and summarises the presently available knowledge from the scientific literature and concludes with a model to estimate the energy content in practice. It is already available in English, but will also be published in German, French and Mandarin.

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