Singapore assures public eggs and poultry from Malaysia are safe

28-10-2010 | | |

There were reports that a few poultry farms in Malaysia, which are exporting eggs to Singapore, had been affected by Newcastle Disease.

The Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority (AVA) of Singapore assures to the public that the disease does not pose a risk to food safety and only affects animal health and farm production.
AVA has worked closely with the Department of Veterinary Services Malaysia (DVS) to assess the disease situation, including making visits to affected farms. Inspection teams have completed visits to affected farms.
The teams did not observe high mortality of chickens in these farms and noted that the vaccination against Newcastle Disease had been effective.
The egg exporters have also provided assurance that egg exports to Singapore will not be affected as the production capacity of the egg farms will continue to be able to meet Singapore’s demand.
Singapore imports approximately 3,700,000 eggs, 125,000 broiler chickens and 20,000 broiler ducks from Malaysia daily.
There is no significant change in the import quantity of eggs, broiler chickens and ducks from Malaysia thus far.
AVA will continue to work closely with DVS to monitor the situation for a safe and adequate supply of eggs and poultry in Singapore.

Ad Bal Freelance journalist