SPACE: Pancosma launches Xtract Nature for poultry

14-09-2011 | | |

Swiss animal nutrition launched its product Xtrac Nature at SPACE 2011 – an enhancement of its earlier product Xtract Poultry.

The novel product combines the strength of its existing natural performance enhancer with some additional defence properties, based on capsicum and curcuma.

The use of plant extracts has been becoming very popular in the agricultural industry, the company writes, mainly due to the increasing demand for meat, milk and eggs from animals raised with a nutritional regime free of antibiotics.

Claimed benefits of the new product include a better digestion, an improvement of the epithelium structure, a better ecosystem balance and an improved defence. Together they contribute to a better average daily gain and a higher feed conversion ratio.

Tests in a Canadian experimental farm on 108 broilers with a C. perfringens challenge showed a  mortality reduction of 38% compared to the infected negative control. The summary of eight different trials proved the reduction of mortality by 9% compared to a positive control in case of various types of Eimeria infections, as well as a better FCR, ADG and thus a limited performance loss.

The Swiss company has announced to focus strongly on the animals’ gut as this organ is perceived to be a sensory organ, sensing its environment.

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