Star 53 Medium Grimaud duck launch at VIV

25-02-2010 | | |

Grimaud Freres Selection will soon be launching the new Star 53 Medium line at VIV Europe from 20-22 April. The performance of this line is available on Grimaud booth in Hall 11 Booth D028.

The Grimaud Star 53 duck is already famous worldwide for its technical and economical performances, says Grimaud Freres, and sees a necessity to propose a STAR 53 Medium specially selected for being slaughtered at around 42 days with the maximum breast meat yield for this young age.

This line Star 53 Medium is showing early maturity in body composition and is of course still offering good weight and low feed conversion ration (FCR) for an optimum economical performance.

The Grimaud duck range is completed with the Star 53 Heavy line that is performing heavier weight and low FCR, with the purpose to be slaughtered at 45-50 days with big and lean pieces of breast meat.

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Natalie Kinsley Freelance journalist