Swedish growers tour Dutch broiler farm’s energy recycling

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Swedish growers tour Dutch broiler farm’s energy recycling

A group of 15 Swedish broiler growers visited Dutch farms on a study tour organised by Blenta, Cobb distributor in Sweden and Scandinavia, to exchange technical information.

On a broiler farm in northern Holland they learned from the experiences of the Jukema family how to achieve top performance with Cobb500 broilers. Indicators on this farm are low mortality, high daily gain and efficient feed consumption.

“It was particularly interesting for us to see heat exchange in practice, and how the farmer saves on the cost of gas by reusing energy from the heat of the broiler house,” said Jan Pettersson, general manager from Blenta.

The visitors also saw one of Cobb’s broiler trial facilities in the Netherlands where in 12 pens different Cobb lines are kept for commercial testing. Each pen has a separate feeding and drinking system, and the broilers measured on economic and technical performance.

“Our growers were very satisfied and enthusiastic about the Cobb performance,” added Mr Petterson.

“We appreciate to openness and hospitality of the Dutch broiler farmers. It was a good opportunity for us to exchange information in this way.”

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