Third One-O-Four HatchTraveller for AIMCO

05-03-2008 | | |
Third One-O-Four HatchTraveller for AIMCO

After the success of the two running HatchTravellers, Arabian Integral Ministration Co. (AIMCO) has purchased a third HatchTraveller to fulfill market demand of Saudi Arabia and other GCC States.

The truck body measures just 640 cm in length and has a capacity of 58.500 day-old chicks.
CEO of AIMCO, Ibrahim Ali Al Thonayan: “With One-O-Fours’ HatchTraveller the genetic potential of our birds in transit is preserved. Chicks are transported without heat or cold stress, but at the optimum temperature of 104ºF. Our customers notice the differences between the traditional and the new concept of One-O-Four.”
The HatchTraveller is divided into individual sections for climate control. The pressure differences allow uniform airflow, through the radiators and the chick baskets. Fresh air is provided for efficient oxygen. The HatchTraveller reduces risk by using multiple chillers, abundant cooling capacity, a ventilator system with multiple fans, multiple temperature sensors and a fully backed-up power supply.

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