Three Dutch poultry associations merge into one

23-02-2015 | | |
Three Dutch poultry associations merge into one
Three Dutch poultry associations merge into one

During a recent general Assembly of the three Dutch associations for breeding companies, hatcheries and exporters, a new association under the name COBK was founded. COBK stands for Central Association Hatching Eggs and Day-old chicks.

Over the last years there has already been a strong cooperation between the three Associations. As there is an increase in overlap of members and issues between the associations it was a logical next step to merge into one new association. This merger fits well into the merging of the European Associations of Breeding Companies, Hatcheries and Exporters into a new European Association later this year.

Increased representation in government

COBK represents almost 100% of the sales of Hatching eggs and Day-old chicks in the Netherlands. It is thought that one strong Association can do a much better job in representing their member’s interest within the Dutch Poultry sector, and towards Government, Governmental Institutions and Social partners.

The Board of COBK was elected by the General Assembly and consists of Anton Butijn, president and Jacques De Lange, vice-president. The following representatives of the working groups of COBK have been elected in the Board:

Frans van Sambeek and Otto Van Tuijl (representatives of the Breeding Companies)

Wout van Wolfswinkel and Jan Vroegindeweij (representative of the Exporters)

Herman Brus and Hans Groot Koerkamp (representatives of the Layer Hatcheries)

Johan Kollenstart and Ton Geuns (representative of the Broiler Hatcheries)

Secretarial support will be provided by AVINED; the association for the Dutch Poultry sector.