Top US complex for Cobb500 won by Claxton Poultry

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Top US complex for Cobb500 won by Claxton Poultry
Top US complex for Cobb500 won by Claxton Poultry

The 20th anniversary award for the top Cobb500 egg production in the US has been won by Claxton Poultry of Glennville, Georgia.

More than 20 years ago the Cobb technical services team began collecting breeder flock data to compile an annual performance ranking.  Since then the Cobb500 Breeder Sold Flock Survey has steadily increased in size with the 2014 US survey summarising the performance of more than 2.400 Cobb500 flocks representing 44.5 million pullets capitalised at 25 weeks of age.

Founded on the premise ‘you can’t manage what you can’t measure’, the survey includes data on key performance indicators — hatching and total egg production, hen livability, feed consumed, hatchability and chicks per hen housed.

Claxton Poultry top performer in 2014

As the top performer in 2014, Claxton Poultry averaged 176.23 total eggs / hen housed to 65 weeks of age. Claxton breeder manager Jeff Odom attributes this success to ‘being able to be consistent in all phases of the operation which is vital to the success of the Cobb500 hen’.

In addition to being the top ranking company, Claxton Poultry had the best performing individual Cobb500 flock — housed at the Edenfield Poultry Farm in Tombs County just outside Lyons, where this flock produced an average of 193.68 total eggs / hen housed to 65 weeks with a hatchability of 85.57% and produced 162.35 chicks / hen housed.

Cobb presents award to top six regional performers

In addition to recognising the overall top performing US complex, Cobb presents awards for the top six regional performers. These include Foster Farms, Delta, Colorado, for the Mid-South Region; Tyson Foods, Noel, Missouri, for the Southwest; Tyson Foods, Cumming, Georgia, for the Southeast; Golden Rod Poultry, Cullman, Alabama, for the South; Tyson Foods, Wilkesboro, North Carolina, for the Mid-Atlantic; and co-winners Georges Inc, Springdale, Arkansas, and Tyson Foods, Sedalia, Missouri, for the Midwest region.