UAE the biggest buyer of Brazilian eggs

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UAE the biggest buyer of Brazilian eggs

The United Arab Emirates were the main importers of Brazilian eggs in 2014, according to data released by the Brazilian Association of Animal Protein (ABPA).

Last year Brazil sold 8,710 tonnes of eggs to the Emirates, an increase of 65% over 2013. Sales’ revenues reached US$ 10.8 million and topped in 56% revenues with egg shipment in 2013.

In addition, Saudi Arabia also noted an increased purchase of Brazilian eggs last year. A total of 404 tonnes were shipped to the country, a 198% increase over 2013. Revenues reached US$ 630,000, with a 195% expansion in the same comparison. Sales to Saudi Arabia and the UAE make the Middle East the region that buys the most eggs from Brazil.

Throughout last year, the country exported 12,200 tonnes, 1.4% less volume than in 2013. The Middle East alone, however, imported 9,110 tonnes, or 67% more in volume than in 2013. In revenues, Brazilian exports add up to US$ 16.8 million, a 20.6% drop in comparison to 2013, while the revenue earned with sales to Middle East was of US$ 11.4 million, a 47% increase over 2013.

Ricardo Santin, ABPA’s vice-president of poultry, said that the expansion of egg exports to the Middle East benefited from chicken exports and from the promotion work done by exporters. The goal is to increase the number of clients, because although the Middle East is the region that most import eggs from Brazil, only Saudi Arabia, UAE and Qatar actually buy the product and for Qatar, sales are timid.

The general performance of the sector last year was worse than 2013 because Angola, which was a great client, suspended imports in March and in April. It occurred as consequence of a protectionist measure adopted by Africans but even after resuming purchases of Brazilian eggs, Angola didn’t match the same levels.

ABPA expects sales abroad to amount to 1% of the total produced in Brazil again, a level that was not reached in 2014. The estimation made by the sector is that Brazil will produce 36 billion units this year.

Source: Brazil Arab-News agency (ANBA)

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