Ugandan firm to manufacture poultry vaccine

04-01-2011 | | |

The Ugandan Government has partnered with a local firm, Brentec Vaccines International, to start manufacturing vaccines for Newcastle diesease.

Brian Bigirwa, Brentec’s quality assurance manager, said the vaccine, dubbed Kuku Vac, does not require refrigeration during transportation and can be stored at room temperature for about two to three weeks without losing potency.

Vaccines for newcastel which current;y are available in the country are susceptible to heat and expire quickly.  “The high costs of refrigeration and poor infrastructure limit upcountry commercial poultry farmers from accessing the vaccine. Such farmers can benefit from Kuku vac, which does not require refrigeration,” Bigirwa said.

Governement funding, through the Uganda Industrial Research Institute, would enable Brentec to manufacture doses for 3,500 birds. Newcastle disease is common in eastern Uganda, accounting for 70% of deaths among chicken.