Ukraine becomes third largest supplier of chicken to EU

15-09-2015 | | |
Chicken meat processing
Chicken meat processing

Ukraine has become the third largest supplier of poultry to the European Union after Brazil and Thailand, according to Konstantin Yeliseyev, a representative of Ukraine to the European Union (EU).

“According to our partners in the Directorate-General for Agriculture and Rural Development in the first four months of this year Ukraine has become the third largest importer of chicken meat to the EU. Now Ukraine follows only Brazil and Thailand, which are traditionally major chicken suppliers to the EU,” he said.

The Ukrainian diplomat also said that this “significant leap became possible due to two factors: the opening of access for Ukrainian poultry to EU markets – and efforts of domestic poultry farmers, as well as the autonomous trade preferences, which actually mean a unilateral acceptance of conditions of free trade with Ukraine.”

Yeliseyev said that the greatest demand for Ukrainian chicken has been observed in the Netherlands and Germany. “During the first four months of this year, these countries have imported 2,950 and 2,550 tonnes of such products respectively,” he confirmed.