Ukraine developing a program to support turkey meat production

10-08-2012 | | |
Ukraine developing a program to support turkey meat production

Ukraine’s ministry of agriculture is working on a program to support the production of turkey meat. It will include direct investments to all categories of producers, Nicholai Prysyazhnyuk, the Minister of Agriculture, recently announced.


This measure will help increase domestic consumption of meat and enable producers to start supplying foreign markets.

“It is important to promote a culture of turkey consumption due to its health benefits. In a world that is rapidly increasing the pace of the development of turkey meat production industries. Ukraine has also potential in this area and we are currently planning to supply the domestic market with this kind of meat, as well as starting to supply foreign markets,” the Minister said.

Nicholas Prysiazhniuk said that the Ministry had already discussed the program of financial support for the industry and that the Ministry has initiated the payment of subsidies per head or grown animal or per kilogram of live weight starting next year.

“Support of the turkey meat production will bring a large segment of the industry in line with high-quality standards. The industry needs to operate a system of clusters, in other words the young animals, should be raised in smaller companies and once grown moved to a slaughter and processing plant of the current large enterprises. This will allow small businesses to save money on the construction of slaughter and processing plants, while producing quality products. Of course, this should involve farmers, who will take turkeys through the complete growing phase. This type of business will receive high profits and benefit the community,” said Mykola Prysyazhnyuk.

Source: Vladislav Vorotnikov