US Environmental Protection Agency and Perdue Farms Inc. sign agreement

21-09-2006 | | |

In order to help minimize the environmental impact that poultry farms have on the Chesapeake Bay and coastal bays around the Delmarva peninsula, Perdue and the EPA to better handle run-off.

Run-off from improperly managed poultry farms may adversely affect the water quality of the bay waters and have a negative effect on plant and fish life. The program initially focuses on the largest farms that supply Perdue with chickens.

Under the Clean Bays agreement, beginning in 2007, trained flock supervisors from Perdue will visit the larger poultry farms throughout the area to evaluate how they are controlling runoff and addressing litter disposal. The program also will include an awards project to recognize poultry farms that demonstrate environmental and compliance excellence in protecting and restoring the Chesapeake Bay and other coastal bay waters around the Delmarva peninsula .

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