US poultry groups reaching out to Brazil in South Africa dumping case

10-07-2012 | | |

South Africa’s anti-dumping duty is drawing the ire of other poultry producers besides Brazil. US producers are urging their government to support Brazil’s WTO case as a third party in the recently submitted bid for consultations.

USA Poultry & Egg Export Council and the National Chicken Council have written US trade representative Ron Kirk, urging the USA to join Brazil and fight South Africa’s anti-dumping duties. The councils also recommend that, if Brazil reciprocates, the US join as a third party to the dispute consultations.

In February, Pretoria had imposed provisional anti-dumping duties on frozen chicken products coming from Brazil, its main agriculture trading partner, on the grounds that these imports were causing harm to the industry in the South African Customs Union. All whole frozen chickens coming from the Latin American partner were subjected to an additional 63% duty, while additional duties ranging from 6 to 47% were imposed on boneless cuts.

South Africa imposed its anti-dumping duties on US poultry almost 12 years ago.

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