US: Study on egg production expected

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US: Study on egg production expected
US: Study on egg production expected

The National Animal Health Monitoring System (NAHMS) will implement a study of the Nation’s egg production during the current year following the previous exercise in 1999.

The study will focus on the prevalence of Salmonella Enteritidis (SE) in order to obtain critical information regarding prevention and control.  The study will specifically address:-

•    An update of previous information on farm management

•    Identifying the prevalence rate of SE

•    Identify risk factors for SE

The survey will involve egg production farms with more than 2,000 laying hens in 19 states. Survey data will be collected by USDA- Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service personnel using a questionnaire.

The USDA Layers 2013 Study has the support of the UEP and the Association of Veterinarians in Egg Production.

All NAHMS studies are national in scope, incorporate advanced statistical techniques and are voluntary and confidential.  Additional information can be derived from the NAHMS website

EGG-CITE encourages readers to cooperate with NAHMS in this potentially valuable survey which will address aspects of SE. A possible outcome will be an assessment of the FDA Egg Safety Rule introduced in 2010 as to impact on prevalence of SE and prevention or control of infection.



Simon Shane Consultant Poultry Veterinarian