USDA projects growth for poultry in 2013

11-05-2012 | | |

The USDA’s initial assessment of US and world crop supply and demand prospects have reported the first calendar-year 2013 projections of US livestock, poultry, and dairy products. Projections reflect economic analysis, normal weather, trends, and judgment.

Total US meat production in 2013 is projected to be above 2012 as higher pork and poultry production more than offsets continued declines in beef production. Lower forecast feed costs and relatively strong, albeit declining hog, broiler, and turkey prices are expected to provide incentives for continued pork and poultry expansion.

Pork production is expected to increase at about the same rate as 2012 as producers increase farrowings modestly, but the number of pigs per litter continues to grow. Broiler and turkey production for 2013 are also forecast higher as producers benefit from lower feed costs; however, increasing production will weigh on broiler and turkey prices, moderating the rate of expansion. Egg production is expected to decline in 2013 as producer returns in 2012 are affected by
sharply lower egg prices.

The complete World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates report can be found here.