Uzbekistan invests in poultry meat production

18-04-2012 | | |

In order to further develop the poultry industry, the Uzbekistan government are planning to build 293 new poultry farms this year.

The financial support of this project will include bank loans of about 10.101 billion soums (US$ 5.47 mln). With these funds poultry producers are planning to increase the number of poultry stock by 756,000 heads, volume of eggs production by 66 million pieces and production of poultry meat by 320 tonnes.

In 2011, to increase the poultry sector production capacity 30.371 billion soums (US$ 16.45 mln) of bank loans and 17.21 billion soums (US$ 9.3 mln) of private funds were spent. “Poultry farming in Uzbekistan is an extremely profitable industry. The return here can be obtained within a short time and high investments are not required,” says Ulugbek Ismailov, the head of Main Directorate of Livestock, Poultry and Fisheries Department under the Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources of Uzbekistan.

Uzbekistan is only investing in projects which are using only the most modern technologies and equipment, so according to experts within 5-7 years the country’s poultry production can be considered one of the highest quality in the CIS.

“Increasing productivity, widespread adoption of modern technologies are our priorities in poultry farming development. Thus, the existing poultry farm is fully equipped with modern chicken coops, which maintain a constant temperature and humidity, and also automatic supply of water and food. Also, our work is focusing on improving the breeds of birds, which enhances the quality of products,” declared Ismailov in the official report.

In parallel, representatives of the country’s Ministry of Agriculture indicate that an important factor in the development of poultry farming in the country is the regional distribution of production facilities. Under the current plan for development of poultry farming in Uzbekistan two poultry farms should be located in each region. As a result, in 2011 the price of poultry products in the national average decreased by 15%.

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