Valuable insights during broiler breeder webinar

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Valuable insights during broiler breeder webinar
Valuable insights during broiler breeder webinar

Missed the webinar… World Poultry would like to give her readers another opportunity to gain some valuable insights on broiler breeding

Earlier this week World Poultry hosted a live webinar with a number of renowned experts on broiler breeding. We want to share the recording with you, our much appreciated readers.

Grasp the opportunity to get valuable insights on broiler breeding. In the video Dr Rick van Emous of Wageningen University goes into depth on the impact of feeding strategies on body composition and reproduction in broiler breeders.

Veterinarian Richard Sygall of Perstorp explains the positive effects of glycerol esters of butyric acid in laying hens and breeders.

Specialist Jan van den Brink of Jansen Poultry Equipment focusses on improving health and realising the best results in parent stock and broiler production.

Last but be no means least,  John Cooper, Poultry Technical Manager of Alltech, zooms in on the optimal condition of the young broiler chick.

Make your broiler breeding operation more profitable with the knowledge shared via World Poultry.


Fabian Brockotter Editor in Chief, Poultry World