VDL Rotra feeder leads to more bird activity

10-02-2012 | | |
VDL Rotra feeder leads to more bird activity

The new Rotra feeder of VDL Agrotech is an automatic feed distribution system above the litter area. It improves fertility and litter quality through more bird activity. The system was launched last year and is now available.

The ‘Rotra’ mini- spinfeeder was designed for breeders in both rearing and production as well as for commercial layers.

This Rotra distributes small portions of feed optimally in the litter area. It is an automatically controlled system including a time clock.

In the laying period fertility is improved by attracting the breeders to the litter areas where mating takes place. In rearing houses the Rotra feeder reduces stress among birds as this system promotes activity during feedless days and better spreading of birds. An additional advantage is a better litter quality which improves results.

In production houses the Rotra feeders are mounted above the litter areas. To spread feed in the litter area only, the Rotra feeder can be supplied with two types of restrictor plates. In full litter houses no restrictor plates are required.

Source: VDL Agrotech