Venezuela paying more for Argentinean poultry imports

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Venezuela paying more for Argentinean poultry imports
Venezuela paying more for Argentinean poultry imports

The Venezuelan government pays 42% more for frozen chicken imports from Argentina with respect to other importing countries, latest statistics reveal.

In numbers, Venezuela buys to an average value of US$ 2.24/kg versus US$ 1.58/kg.

In the first half of 2014, Argentine exports of frozen chickens reached 69,261 tons for Venezuela. The average value weighted 2.24 US$/kg FOB.

Other importing-countries including Angola, Saudi Arabia,  United Arab Emirates, Oman, Qatar, Yemen, Singapore, Italy, Netherlands, Britain and Chile, recorded sales of poultry at 27,463 tons at an average value of 1.58 US$/kg.

In this regard, Venezuelans paid about 42% more than importers located in other countries.

Much of Argentine imports of chickens are managed by the Venezuelan government agency,   Corporation of Supplies and Agricultural Services (CASA), in the framework of bilateral agreements made with government officials of Argentina.

Since last year, the Argentine government forced the main Argentine poultry companies to finance purchases of Venezuelan oil with chicken exports.

That exercise, implemented using the “Fidecomiso Nestor Kirchner” of the National Bank, caused the poultry industry significant delays in the revenue generated from transactions made ​​in the Venezuelan market (they are charged for orders from the Bolivarian government, while now these depend on the goodwill of a local official).

The main Argentine poultry companies exporting to the Venezuelan market are Granja Tres Arroyos, Pollolín, Noelma, Calisa (Grupo Motta), San Sebastián, Aveguay (Domvil), Bonnin Hnos, Las Camelias y Soychú.

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