Verbeek’s new hatchery nears completion

07-12-2010 | | |
Verbeek’s new hatchery nears completion

Emka incubators is finalising the installation of 72 setters and 32 hatchers in Verbeek’s new greenfield commercial layer hatchery project in Zeewolde, The Netherlands. This is one of the biggest of its kind in Western Europe, with a total yearly capacity of about 30 million day-old layer chicks.

All setters and hatchers are equipped with the “Teggnologic27” system, the latest innovation of Emka. It cools the incubators with cooling water at a temperature of 27°C instead of the traditional 12 to 15°C in regular machines. This technology helps to drastically save energy. Also, thanks to the homogeneous climate conditions and the complete absence of condensation in the incubators, the quality of the day-old chicks is excellent.

All hatchers are fitted with Emka’s hatcher exhaust air filtering system, which captures the fluff, thus minimising the cleaning time after each hatch. The system also ensures that Verbeek meets the stringent fluff emission standards.

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