Young egg leaders on a mission

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Photo: IEC
Photo: IEC

The latest tranche of young egg leaders have travelled to Paris to meet with representatives from the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) and the Consumer Goods Forum (CGF).

7 youngsters have been selected to become the 3rd intake of the International Egg Commission’s Young Egg Leaders programme, which is designed to provide them with an enhanced knowledge of the industry as well as developing their positioning and global network over the next 2 years.

International perspective

They travelled to France with the IEC’s director general Julian Madeley and the IEC chairman Tim Lambert, who is chief executive officer of Egg Farmers of Canada.

Mr Lambert believes it is vital for young leaders to meet with international organisations: “In today’s business world it is vital that Young Leaders are exposed to an international perspective, and understand the impact that global organisations will have on our industry.

“That is why it is so important that we provide the opportunity to meet with the OIE, CGF and World Health Organisation (WHO).”

The group met with Dr Matthew Stone, OIE deputy director general International Standards and Science and other senior officials at the Paris headquarters, where key items for discussion included avian influenza and global standards, particularly in relation to the housing of laying hens and how global standards directly impact egg businesses. Antimicrobial use and resistance was also on the agenda.

At the Consumer Goods Forum, the group discussed the challenges and opportunities around social and environmental sustainability issues affecting the egg sector with senior CGF directors Didier Bergeret and Ignacio Gavilan.

The 2018/9 Young Egg Leaders group consists of:

Kent Antonio, general manager business development, McLean Foods, Australia

Timothy Yoo, farm manager, Ganong Bio Ltd, South Korea

Bastiaan Schimmel, vice presidents sales and marketing, Centurion Poultry, United States

James Han, deputy general manager, Hanwei Group, China

Mohsin Khawaja, director, Mahmood Group, Pakistan

Katy Campbell, manager, Glenrath Farms, United Kingdom

Elisa Finco, Member of the Board, Facco SPA, Italy

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Tony Mcdougal Freelance Journalist