Zambia gets $50m loan for poultry sector

14-05-2012 | | |
Zambia gets $50m loan for poultry sector

The World Bank has loaned Zambia US$50 million, for a twenty year project focussing on small-holder diversification and disease control.

The ‘Livestock Development and Animal Health Project’ is targeted at the 390,000 small-holder producers both female and male, to diversify their production away from maize and improving their productivity. The hope is that this initiative will have carry-on effects on the greater economy of Zambia.
Focussing on the small-holder producers would also decrease the prevalence of livestock diseases, such as Newcastle disease in poultry.
The loan is to be repaid over 40 years with a 10 year period of grace.
Source: Zambia’s the Post Online