Zambia: Hybrid poultry farm celebrates golden jubilee

25-08-2011 | | |
Zambia: Hybrid poultry farm celebrates golden jubilee

In June, Hybrid Poultry farm celebrated its 50 years of service to the Zambian poultry industry with a reception at Pamodzi hotel in Lusaka. The farm was established in June 1961 when the country was incorporated in Northern Rhodesia.

Hybrid imports Bovans Brown breeding stock from the Netherlands and is the official distributor of Bovans chicks in Zambia; beside that Bovans Brown layer chicks are exported to neighboring countries Congo and Tanzania.

The past seven years the breeder farms and hatcheries near Lusaka and in the Copperbelt have been upgraded with new equipments and the farm housing capacity has gone through major expansion.

Ahead of the official celebration, ISA conducted a layer seminar at the head quarters of Hybrid Poultry office at Chamba Valley.