Poland remains largest poultry producer in the EU

Poland consolidated its position as the EU's leading poultry exporter. Photo: Canva
Poland consolidated its position as the EU's leading poultry exporter. Photo: Canva

In the first half of 2023, Poland produced 1.6 million tonnes of poultry, which is 7% up compared with the previous year. The positive trend is forecasted to continue, but risk factors are still on the table, Marcin Wroński, deputy director general of the National Support Center for Agriculture, told local press.

“Considering current market conditions, including consistently strong export demand, high internal consumption – partly thanks to Ukrainian citizens – and the competitiveness of poultry against pork, an increase in poultry production can be assumed throughout 2023. Poland will also remain the largest producer of this meat in the European Union,” Wroński noted.

However, he added, certain risks will also persist during the year, including relatively high production costs and possible bird flu outbreaks during the autumn and winter months.

The past few months have been marked by a steady decline in retail broiler meat prices, which went down from PLN 5.89 (US$1.35) per kg to PLN 5.32 (US$1.22) per kg, which is almost 10%. Several factors contributed to this trend, including growing domestic production and lowering cost pressure. In addition, customers are seen partly switching from pork to poultry, Wroński said.

“The moderate nature of the downward price trend recorded in recent months was secured by consistently high demand for this type of meat in the face of its price competitiveness with other animal protein sources,” Wroński noted.

Avian influenza dynamics determine exports

In 2023, several avian influenza outbreaks in the EU largely limited export opportunities for the poultry sector. In the first 5 months of this year, European poultry farmers sold just over 0.8 million tonnes of poultry meat in carcass equivalent to non-EU customers, 2% down compared with the previous year. The UK remained the largest importer of European poultry.

However, Poland managed to consolidate its position as the leading European poultry exporter, Wroński said.

During the first half of 2023, the country exported over 1 million tonnes of poultry, 4% more compared with the previous year. Nearly 70% of that figure was sold within the EU, in line with the previous years. At the same time, poultry exports to non-EU markets increased by 2.3% to 300,000 tonnes, Wroński reported.

Vladislav Vorotnikov Eastern European correspondent
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