Poultry innovations to look out for at SPACE

Innov’Space was launched in 1995. This year, 37 product innovations have been awarded. Photo: Space
Innov’Space was launched in 1995. This year, 37 product innovations have been awarded. Photo: Space

In September, SPACE will again showcase 37 Innov’Space 2023 prize-winners whereby products, equipment or services have stood out as significant innovations. What interesting poultry innovations are on show this year?

Tool to get more out of livestock manure

Chambres d’Agriculture de Bretagne: Agrivision’Air ⭐⭐

The Decision Support Instrument Agrivision’Air is a solution that maintains fertiliser quality of livestock manure when applied. The simulator provides for 3 days a forecast loss of nitrogen by ammonia volatilisation, and 3 indicators (spreading quality, spreading equipment performance and weather impact) for an application of fertiliser defined by the type of fertiliser, the amount, the spreading equipment and the tillage delay. Those indicators and more detailed annual summaries help to adjust practices to reduce volatilisation in the short term or to help understand the changes to implement in a mid-term strategy. The product is easy to use, intuitive, and brings together agricultural practices and weather forecasts in a single tool. (Hall 5, stand B35)

Counting insect larvae in their substrate

Le Gouessant-Mutatec: Dosin’Tec ⭐⭐

Dosin’Tec equipment is designed to assist in counting larvae of rearing insects, particularly the black soldier fly and the mealworm. The tool allows for counting insect larvae in breeding without separating them from their growth substrate. The innovation is based on the application of a deep learning algorithm for analysing images that are successively exposed to dual lighting. At the larval stage, tiny larvae are plentiful, and their systematic burying within food particle-filled substrate makes it challenging to assess the real-time population in breeding units. The product makes it possible to identify up to 95% of the larvae regardless of size and heterogeneity. (Hall 5, stand A23)

Farm packer robot and egg palletisation in 30-egg trays

Ovoconcept: Packerpal ⭐⭐

Thanks to a single robot, the Packerpal collects and palletises eggs in 30-egg trays (plastic packaging, pallets of 10,800 eggs, capacity 16,000 eggs/hr). The eggs are conveyed in goblets to be sucked 30 by 30 by suction cups. The robotic arm positions itself above the stacks of trays and recovers the empty tray, positions it on the pallet then deposits the eggs in the tray. Six levels of full trays are built with a divider placed between each level. (Hall 10, D89)

Disinfecting the lower parts of a vehicle

Avicare: Avicare Universel ⭐

Avicare is an on-board disinfection system acting on the wheels and the underbody of the vehicle to prevent the spread by road transport of livestock diseases. A mobile app, available on Android smartphones or tablets, controls configuration, system control, traceability, programme updating and maintenance. Among the criteria guiding its design are the protection of workers, speed of execution (less than 30 seconds), effectiveness of disinfection and automatic traceability of operations. (Hall 10, stand C79)

In-line poultry evisceration machine

Bayle: Flexevi Pemol ⭐

The Flexevi range has been extended with the arrival of the Pemol function, which allows you to automate the evisceration of your poultry in line. The Flexevi Pemol cuts the vent for penetration of its suction tool, which will suck the viscera of the poultry while keeping the heart, liver and gizzard. The machine, which provides operator comfort on slaughter lines through automation, is suitable for poultry slaughterhouses working at speeds of up to 800 birds/hour. (Hall 10, stand E98)

Movable aviary quick to assemble

Cabi Group: Cabi Air ⭐

The Cabi Air is a movable aviary which is quick to assemble (3 hours for 2 people for 35 sqm). The aviary consists of a gable with a mesh door. The width of the gable can be adapted to the width of the building on which it is leaning. The aviary is pre-assembled, robust, lightweight, equipped with windbreaks or wire mesh on the sides, provided with nets on the upper part, modular, its width can be variable to adapt to the building up to 7m and its length is a multiple of 2.5m and can go up to 7.5m to be moved. (Air Libre, stand 30)

Automatic counting of BSF larvae

Dilepix: Prolarvae ⭐

Black soldier fly larvae offer a promising solution for finding alternative protein sources, with high protein content and reduced environmental impact. They can substitute fishmeal and soy, providing essential amino acids for complementing pig feed. This emerging sector faces a major challenge: quality control. Previously done manually, inspecting hundreds of millimeter-sized larvae is a tedious task. (Hall 3, stand C10)

A mannequin intended to teach how to euthanise poultry

Elevage Service: Tanacare ⭐

Tanacare is the first mannequin intended to teach humane cervical dislocation of poultry. Tanacare has a mechanism that promotes repetition and proprioception. It is much more useful than a simple description of euthanising and improves the precision and efficiency of the task. Its reproduction of dislocation develops the necessary sensitivity to adapt to any type of poultry up to 3 kgs. (Hall 10, stand B45)

A new principle of air intake management

Fancom: Windhood Fantura ⭐

Fancom offers a new wind hood system for poultry houses. Thanks to Fantura’s new principle of air intake management, the influence of the wind is divided up to 3 times, which translates into an almost total cancellation of the effects of the wind. The efficiency of the Fantura wind hood makes it possible to calculate the number of air inlets for a poultry house without taking into account the pressure losses inherent in traditional wind hood systems. The use of computational fluid dynamic software and a blowing tunnel allowed Fancom to design the Fantura wind hood that allows wind to escape through the side vents, thus avoiding pressurising the building. (Hall 8, stand B33)

Alternative solution against Eimeria and Clostridia risk in poultry

Idena​: Forcix PY ⭐

A study demonstrated the action of Forcix PY’s components at different stages of the Eimeria cycle, with no effect on epithelial cells, by measuring the effectiveness/toxicity ratio of each ingredient tested. The product benefits from Idena’s proprietary ECHV technology and is a combination of bioactives that have demonstrated their benefits in vitro for both Eimeria and Clostridium risk management. (Hall 9, stand C61)

Constant pressure spray and gel hatchery cabinet for day-old chicks

MSD Santé Aminale: Midhas ⭐

Spraying at the hatchery is a robust, repeatable and controllable process. It is a widespread method to vaccinate broiler chicks and day-old pullets and prevent several major diseases. Midhas is a new-generation device that uses a unique constant pressure spray and gel nebulisation technology. Combined with a PLC control and optimised design, this method offers high reliability, reduces maintenance operations and checkpoints, and provides greater flexibility. (Hall 4, stand A43)

Safer solution for detergent and disinfection application

Schippers France: Hybag ⭐

The HyBag solution is a complete solution allowing precise and secure dosing of hygiene products in livestock farming while guaranteeing optimal foam quality. The solution is made up of a foam lance (to accommodate flexible bags of detergent or disinfectant), flexible bags of MS MegaDes disinfectant, MS TopFoam detergent and MS TopFoam animal shampoo. (Hall 5, B36)

*This year’s SPACE event will take place in Rennes, France, from 12-14 September. Click here for more information.

Natalie Kinsley Freelance journalist