Banham Poultry searching for a buyer

04-10-2018 | |
Photo: Shutterstock
Photo: Shutterstock

Norfolk-based Banham Poultry is being “pushed in the direction” of administration if neither of 2 potential sales of the business concludes, according to its local MP.

The troubled Attleborough business is for sale, with chief executive Martyn Bromley telling the BBC that negotiations were ongoing to “find the right home for the business”.

He added that 2 businesses had bid for Banham, 1 which would close the Attleborough operation, while the other would keep it open.

But local MP George Freeman said in a tweet: “I understand not in administration but Lloyd’s bank pushing in that direction if a buyer cannot be secured.”

Mr Bromley denied this was the case, saying it had been a “complete misunderstanding”.

Banham Poultry is a family owned business with a turnover of around £100m a year.

Jake Davies Freelance Journalist