Olympic champion joins British egg promotional drive

10-01-2018 | |
Max Whitlock is an artistic gymnast and five-time Olympic medallist. Photo: BEIC
Max Whitlock is an artistic gymnast and five-time Olympic medallist. Photo: BEIC

British eggs will be promoted in 2018 by well-known fitness bloggers The Lean Machines as well as double Olympic gymnastics gold medallist Max Whitlock.

The £1m promotional campaign each year selects ambassadors to promote the consumption of British Lion eggs.

This year’s choices reflect a shift from celebrities and chefs to fitness enthusiasts that have a strong social media following, with more ambassadors set to be announced throughout the year.

The three initial ambassadors have a combined social media following of more than one million consumers across Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook.

Max Whitlock

Max Whitlock is an artistic gymnast and five-time Olympic medallist, while the Lean Machines predominantly use YouTube to encourage healthy lifestyle choices.

Mr Whitlock said: “For me, eggs are the ultimate superfood. Whether I’m training, travelling or enjoying some downtime, they are a key part of my diet.

“I’ve got a pretty hectic schedule so it’s important that I have access to protein-packed meals and snacks that are quick and easy to prepare, and taste good. Eggs fit the bill, and because they’re so versatile I never get bored.”

Drive consumption of eggs

Andrew Joret, British Egg Industry Council chairman, said: “Eggs are back in fashion, with sales soaring in recent years, and we’re encouraging some high-profile egg lovers to share their favourite egg recipes as part of a marketing campaign to further drive consumption. With the recent change in egg safety advice, we expect sales to keep climbing in 2018.

“Young people are eating more eggs, inhibiting factors are at an all-time low, consumer confidence in the nutritional benefits of eggs is on a high, and there is room in the market for growth, so we’re one of the healthiest sectors of UK agriculture.

The recipe campaign will be supported by nutrition and food safety focused campaigns aimed at healthcare professionals and consumers, highlighting the new “runny eggs” advice and promoting eggs as a “perfect protein”.

Last year the Food Standards Agency rescinded long-standing advice that suggested the elderly or infirm should not consume runny eggs.

A trade-focused campaign will also highlight this new safety advice.

Jake Davies Freelance Journalist