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Jakarta poultry to be bred in Bogor

Bogor (Indonesia) has agreed to make land available to Jakarta for the relocation of poultry breeding sites.

Sutrisno, the head of the health unit of the Bogor Animal Husbandry Agency, said the regency had more than enough space to accommodate poultry breeding farms and hatcheries, which would, at the end of the day, generate more revenue for the administration. This was in response to Jakarta Governor Sutiyoso's statement that he wanted to relocate poultry farms to neighbouring areas like Bogor.

Amid a resurgence of the disease that has claimed five lives nationwide since the beginning of the year, Sutiyoso signed a decree last week banning backyard farming and relocating poultry industries.

"We're ready to take up Governor Sutiyoso's offer to provide land for Jakarta's poultry breeders. The local people will get the economic benefits, which will later contribute to regional revenue," Sutrisno said.

Unlike in Jakarta, where a number of cases of human infection have been confirmed, Sutrisno said no human cases had been reported in Bogor, but that did not mean the administration would take up the offer without weighing up the risks. Bogor Council speaker Rachmat Yasin said if Jakarta really wanted to relocate its poultry to Bogor, the offer must be taken up without delay.


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