People: Cobb appoints pedigree geneticist

In a move strengthening the Cobb research and development team Dr Frank Siewerdt has been appointed pedigree geneticist for the new Dry Creek farm complex in Deer Lodge, Tennessee, USA.

Siewerdt gained his BS and MS from Federal University of Pelotas, Brazil, and then proceeded to obtain his PhD from North Carolina State University before a 20-year career in academic and industry positions.

Dr Mark Cooper, Cobb director of genetics, comments: “Frank brings to our team varied and extensive professional experience from 15 years in academic positions as a professor at Federal University of Pelotas and then University of Maryland, four years as a geneticist with Heritage Breeders/Perdue Farms and then a year at the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization in Rome, Italy.”

His research has spanned several livestock species and addressed breeding strategies, population genetics, selection theory and statistical methodologies. He has served as a focal point to establish national breeding programs in developing countries and has trained several masters and doctoral students, publishing over 60 peer-reviewed articles.

Source: Cobb

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