Successful seminar HatchTech, Wageningen University and WIAS

On December 9, the WIAS graduate school, HatchTech and the Adaptation Physiology Group of Wageningen University, organised a seminar entitled "The embryonic life of chickens: factors that influence development". This turned out succesful. Over 85 international participants from several disciplines of the poultry industry attended the seminar.

The seminar was organized on behalf of the public PhD defence of Roos Molenaar. Both Roos Molenaar and Inge van Roovert-Reijrink, who obtained her doctor degree earlier this year, work at the Research Department of HatchTech. Both PhD projects were a cooperation between HatchTech and the Adaptation Physiology Group of Wageningen University.

During the seminar, PhD students who have been working on incubation at the Adaptation Physiology Group during the last few years, presented results of their poultry research projects. Besides the PhD students, Prof. dr. Mike Wineland from North Carolina State University (USA) and Dr. Barbara Tzschentke from the Humboldt-University of Berlin (Germany) presented their latest research results.

The researchers showed the latest insights in factors that influence embryonic and early post hatch development of chickens. Results showed that small changes in for example incubation temperature affect hatchability, but also organ development and performance during later life. It was also shown that the hatching and brooding conditions are crucial for optimal development of the cold blooded one-day-old chicks.
The seminar was sponsored by the graduate school WIAS, the foundation of promoting Poultry Science (SBP) and HatchTech.
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