News update:May 12, 2010

President confident of poultry industry's future

UK National Farmers' Union President , Peter Kendall, has congratulated the poultry industry on finding solutions when faced with problems, particularly by using marketing tools to create a more prosperous future for the sector.

Speaking at the 40th Egg and Poultry Meat Industry Conference, Mr Kendall praised the industry's response to the salmonella in eggs crisis in 1988 - the creation of the Lion brand.
Kendall said that the Lion brand marketing campaign had restored consumer confidence and had added value in terms of safety, quality, freshness and choice.
He also said the NFU and other industry bodies like the British Poultry Council and the British Egg Industry Council should work together in order to pool resources and operate more efficiently.
Kendall made reference to the success of last month's House of Commons lobby by the NFU, BPC and BEIC over the permit costs associated with the  Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control regulations. Hundreds of poultry farmers lobbied their local MPs, calling for a three-year waiver on the permit feed. Kendall said that Lord Rooker had made an assurance that he would undertake a review of the charges.
Kendall said the industry had much to be proud of and should be confident about its future.

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