News update:Dec 28, 2007

Australia: Salmonella outbreak caused by raw eggs

50 cases of food poisoning since the beginning of December in New South Wales have been attributed to improper use of raw eggs.

Salmonella  poisoning hit a group of 35 people at a party after having eaten homemade fried ice-cream with a coating made of raw egg batter.

Another 11 cases of Salmonella were reported at another party where raw egg was used in Caesar salad dressing and chocolate mousse.

In addition, three children were reported becoming ill after drinking affected egg nog.

"Egg shells contain bacteria, which can transfer easily to the egg yolk and white when broken. When raw egg products are left at room temperature for long periods, the Salmonella bacteria can multiply," warned George Davey, director-general of the NSW Food Authority.

"Extra care must be taken if using raw eggs in food that will not be cooked as bacteria survives in food that is not cooked properly," he said.

Mr Davey advises consumers to ensure that the shells are not cracked, broken or dirty and always to store them in a refrigerator at 5 degrees celsius or below.

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