The Co-op bans caged egg sales

As of today, The Co-operative food stores in N. Wales are banning the sale of eggs from caged hens and stocking only free-range or organic eggs.

This move, which comes amid increasing public concerns over the treatment of poultry in the farming sector, forms part of a range of new measures being introduced after a survey was completed in the UK of 100,000 shoppers who took part in a consumer poll on ethics.
The survey identified ethical trading, animal welfare and the environment as key issues for Co-operative customers, however, it was noted that climate change was not a top priority.
“Our shoppers in Wales responded to the poll in their thousands, reflecting the real interest of consumers in the policies of the businesses they trade with and endorsing our ethical approach to business. We have listened to what they had to say and acted on their priority issues now,” said chief officer of The Co-operative in Wales, David Parker.

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