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Canada invests in egg quality assurance system

Canada’s agriculture minister Gerry Ritz has announced an investment of over $100,000 to Egg Farmers of Canada to integrate its existing assurance systems into a single system that will be known as the National Quality Code for eggs.

The streamlined National Quality Code program will provide egg producers and graders with an all-in-one certification program that addresses food safety, traceability and animal care. Once implemented, the code could enhance the competitiveness of the poultry sector by strengthening its capacity to make credible and verifiable claims.

This investment is being made through the Assurance Systems stream of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada's (AAFC's) AgriMarketing Program, a five-year, up to $341-million initiative under Growing Forward 2. This project builds on funding previously provided to Egg Farmers of Canada through AAFC's Canadian Integrated Food Safety Initiative to develop the Canadian Egg Industry Traceability System.

"Canada's hard-working egg producers help drive our economy while putting world-class products on our kitchen tables. This new quality assurance system will help industry meet growing consumer expectations and will enhance the competitiveness of the industry overall," said Gerry Ritz, Agriculture Minister.

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  • Mentor Works

    Amidst a rapidly expanding middle-class led by Asian countries such as China there is not only tremendous opportunity existing for food producers and processors, but also for the exporting of food safety and traceability. Its great to see that the government is continuing to kick in support on both the provincial and federal level with large investments through programs like AgriMarketing through AAFC. In addition to the Assurance Systems for considerably large projects there now exists funding for SME's as well through the Market Development Stream -worth checking out for small to mid-sized agriculture/ agri-food business. Thank again for covering this story, I plan to revisit this blog regularly in the future!

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