News update:Mar 9, 2016

MSD AH shows strong presence at WVPA Congress

“Convenience of process and performance improvement” was the focus of the satellite symposium organised by MSD Animal Health, as part of the World Veterinary Poultry Association XVIII Congress, held in Nantes France.

As part of this symposium, MSD Animal Health introduced the company’s proprietary “Convenience” and “Go Beyond” programs.

The MSD Animal Health “Convenience Program” is engineered to efficiently protect birds against respiratory diseases through the convenience of a hatchery approach that delivers improvements in process and performance. The shorter life-cycle broilers requires the implementation of as many immunisations as possible in the hatchery, maximising the benefits from a well-controlled mass application process; reducing labour requirements; minimising early post-vaccination reactions; delivering solid protection from an early stage; and, avoiding the need to further disturb the chickens during the growing period.  Innovative and science-based health solutions are the key drivers along with leading bronchitis vaccines Nobilis 4/91, Nobilis Ma5 and the recombinant INNOVAX franchise are the key differentiators of the “Convenience Program”.

The “Go Beyond” program brings solutions beyond disease control, enhancing chicken health, enabling more animals to grow to their full potential through innovative approaches. The program utilises economic and sustainable tools to cope with the increased demand for quality and safe animal protein production, highlighting sustainable year-round coccidiosis control programs through leading coccidiosis vaccines Paracox and Coccivac as well  as an efficient microbiota management program supported by Enradin. Customer centricity drives the “Go Beyond” program and can be summarised in three major strategies: production cost reduction, flock uniformity enhancement, and carcass quality improvement.

MSD Animal Health participation in the WVPA XVIII Congress was a step forward to build the vision and expertise to provide innovative solutions to the world’s biggest animal health challenges.

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