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US poultry producer addresses Salmonella concerns

US poultry producer, Foster Farms, is working in partnership with the USDA to reduce incidence of Salmonella Heidelberg on raw chicken products produced at three company facilities in Central California.

This activity is in response to an USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service-issued alert regarding the increased incidence of Salmonella Heidelberg infection caused by eating undercooked or improperly handled chicken. While the company, FSIS and CDC continue to investigate the issue, Foster Farms has instituted a number of additional food safety practices, processes and technology throughout company facilities that have already proven effective in controlling Salmonella in its Pacific Northwest operations earlier this year. No recall is in effect.

“We are committed to ensuring the safety of our products, and our family-owned company has maintained an excellent food safety record during its near 80-year history,” said Foster Farms President Ron Foster. “We deeply regret any foodborne illness that may be associated with any of our products. Food safety is at the very heart of our business. It is a continuous process of improvement. In addition to collaborating with FSIS and CDC, the company has retained national experts in epidemiology and food safety technology to assess current practices and identify opportunities for further improvement.”

“Salmonella is naturally occurring in poultry and can be fully eradicated if raw product is properly handled and fully cooked,” said Dr. Robert O’Connor, the company’s food safety chief and head veterinarian. “All poultry producers strive to reduce bacterial presence, including Salmonella. We take food safety very seriously. When the incidence of illnesses linked to Salmonella increased, we wanted to know why and we have worked quickly to identify and implement additional controls. It is also important to reassure the public that the FSIS process has not been affected by the recent government shutdown.”

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  • manny atovi monarca

    Food safety is a must in preparing raw chicken meat or any food that are uncooked. The source of bacteria should be addressed first to avoid contamination of their produce. Here in the Philippines we are using a technology, a feed premix powder mix to the drinking water of chickens. Once ingested it corrects and maintains the digestive system through this all nutrients and medication are readily absorbed and utilized properly and efficiently. Proof to this is the almost total absence of undigested protein in the manure and the very low ammonia fumes which causes foul odor ending up into a nonpathogenic and organic fecal waste, decomposition is not needed. It induces natural detoxification making the product like meat, eggs, milk and others free from antibiotic and chemical residue. Quality meat with low cholesterol, lean meat, less fats with no rancid smell. Have great stamina, they do not easily contract any diseases caused by bacteria and viruses. So they will be protected from salmonella infection.
    the technology is applicable to all animals, poultry, ruminants, Aqua fishes, shrimp, crubs, plants, crops, vegetables and others. Only in the Philippines.

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