News update:Mar 9, 2016

France discovers case of AI

The French department of agriculture has confirmed a case of the highly pathogenic strain H5N1 of Avian Influenza at a hobby farm in Piras near Périgueux, Dordogne. The infection was found after 22 of the 30 animals at the premises had died.

According to the department, the virus involved is the European rather than the Asian type. : "The case has no consequences for the consumption of poultry, poultry meat or any other products from poultry," minister Stéphane le Foll says. He has ordered his services to activate the national plan for AI, which included the usual surveillance and protection zones around the infected farm, and will take further steps if necessary.

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AI vaccination, a valuable tool
With an avian influenza virus strongly embedded in the world's wild bird population, mutated from known prevalent subtypes into strains that caused havoc in poultry production during the spring bird migration, every countermeasure that exists is of great value to the industry.

The authorities will also check wild birds in the area. The remaining birds have been culled and a disinfection of the premises is ongoing. The case is the first of H5N1 Avian Influenza in France since some isolated cases in 2007. After the discovery, some countries including Egypt and Japan, have announced a temporary ban on poultry and poultry meat from France.


  • Fabian Brockotter

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