News update:May 12, 2010

Cold weather lifts Pakistan poultry rates

Unexpected late winter chill has killed off scores of poultry flocks in Pakistan creating a supply gap and pushing up prices amid rising demand.

Broiler chicken rates jumped 7% in the Pakistan retail market this week owing to short supply. The chicken meat rate has gone up 14%.
Poultry farmers said the decline in production has created thin supply in the wholesale and retail thus increasing the prices of live birds and meat.

Reduced flocks

Maroof Siddiqi from the Pakistan Poultry Association said cold spell in last two months had thinned out poultry population at farms. Whole flocks were killed amid unexpected chill while extra heating increased the cost of production for farmers.
Many poultry farmers reduced flock sizes to utilise lesser number of sheds in order to cut back on heating cost and prevent further losses. The production slump in winter affected poultry supply whereas demand has gradually surged.

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