News update:Jan 11, 2010

Jamaica begins training small poultry farmers

The Jamaica Agricultural Society, in partnership with the Alcoa Foundation, on Tuesday launched a US$1.2 million project aimed at providing development support training for small poultry farmers in Clarendon.

Jannet Pullen, the JAS's project coordinator, said the project was timely, given the growing demand for poultry meat, and the need to increase production. Senator Norman Grant, president of the JAS, commented: "Agriculture is the catalyst for the present and future development of any nation and it is always commendable to witness an organisation that embraces the concept of sustainability."
The programme will last eight and a half months and will benefit 100 farmers in the parish. A model state-of-the-art poultry will also be built on the Denbigh showgrounds as part of the project.
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