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PETA video update: Aviagen suspends supervisor

Aviagen has suspended a worker and said it will investigate a video released by PETA, which shows turkeys at one of the company's farms being abused.

"We condemn any abuse of the animals in our care and will take swift action to address these issues," said Aviagen Turkeys Inc. after its representatives viewed the video, say reports.

The company further stated that it was investigating the actions and that workers shown in the video could be fired. Additionally, the supervisor involved has been suspended pending the outcome.

An undercover person associated with the animal rights group PETA spent 2 months working at an Aviagen farm taking undercover footage showing turkeys being abused at the farm.

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    Jackie Alford

    Maybe a few of these workers should be charged with animal cruelty in addition to loosing their jobs.
    This sort of behaviour really does put the poultry industry in bad light, supports the likes of Jamie Oliver, and condenms the farmers and other industry workers who do practise animal welfare.
    The alligations of the assault and crime committed against these animals makes me cringe, and I work in a processing facility!

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