Argentina's poultry exports see increase in 2007

Argentina's poultry meat exports rose 26% in 2007 to 145,760 tonnes, says the food safety and quality agency SENASA.

The value of the Argentina's poultry exports rose to $189, 315,000 compared to 2006 when the country shipped $122,578,000.
Exports of fresh poultry meat exports, including whole birds rose by 31% to 93,315 t worth $122,578,000, which is a rise in value of 57%.
Destinations of Argentinean fresh poultry meat can be summarised as follows:
• Chile, 24,858 t
• South Africa, 15,357 t
• Saudi Arabia, 6,565 t
• Germany, 6,547 t
• The Netherlands, 3,868 t
• Democratic Republic of the Congo, 2,594 tonnes
By-product exports also saw a 19% increase to 47,773 t. Exports of processed poultry meat reached 4,672 tonnes, an increase of the 31% in volume and 29% in value, most of which went to the Netherlands and Germany.

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