Doctor finds gecko inside chicken egg

An Australian doctor recently cracked open a chicken egg and found a fully formed gecko inside.

"I crack eggs quite quickly and I put the eggs straight in the rubbish, right next to me. So I looked down at the egg that I'd cracked and, lo and behold, there's a squashed, semi-skelitalised gecko curved around inside the egg. And it had clearly been there for quite some time and in fact it has to have been incorporated in the egg when it was being made inside the chook," said Beaumont.
As Northern Territory president of the Australian Medical Association, ABC reports that Beaumont knows about anatomy. He says that it's not really that surprising that a lizard or gecko could find its way into a chicken egg.
"When you understand how eggs are made inside the chook, you understand that the eggs are made in a potential communication with the outside world," he says. Beaumont says the egg-making organ is basically a long tube and the egg starts off as a little yolk which builds up more and more until eventually the shell forms around the contents.
"I think the gecko had to have climbed up inside this opening in the chook and died up inside there and become incorporated into the egg as it was being made," he continued.
Possible link to salmonella
Dr Beaumont believes the tiny gecko may shed light on one how salmonella bacteria can find its way into an egg. "I used to always wonder how these germs could get right inside the eggs," he said, adding, "Well now this is one way that those germs could get there because we know that lizards can carry salmonella and maybe this happens more often than you know."

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