News update:Jul 10, 2008

Organic chickens have less flavour

It has been reported that a new scientific study has found that organically reared chickens are not as flavoursome as intensively farmed birds.

Many campaigners have often argued that consumers should opt for chickens that roam outdoors as this environment "makes for a naturally tastier option on the dinner table and justifies the more expensive price tag".
A new survey published in the British Poultry Science journal found that the cheaper birds had a better flavour and texture, reports the Daily Mail.
It is reported that the research was carried out at Bristol University and involved a panel of 10 tasters blind tasting samples from 120 chickens reared in various ways.
"In general, higher ratings were given for texture, juiciness, flavour and overall preference for meat from the birds reared in the standard system," said Dr Paul Warriss, who led the study at the university's school of veterinary science. "The common perception is that organic chickens will be much tastier, but this was not the case," he said, adding that a reason could be that intensively farmed birds are eaten at a much younger age, so they will be less tough than older birds.
Even though this may come as a blow to the free-range industry, Dr Warriss said his findings did not mean the end of the free-range chicken because people often buy free-range birds for ethical reasons.
* The organic meat used in the new research was produced according to guidelines set out by the Soil Association, which has developed a certification mark for organic food.
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