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What happened to Avian Influenza?

I am back again with my first blog in 2009! As Adrian Bal, Editor of World Poultry mentioned in his first editorial of 2009, I hope that the poultry industry continues to move forward in spite of all economic challenges that the whole world is experiencing right now.

I was thinking of what issue I should talk about in this blog. I noticed that the 7th international symposium on Avian Influenza (AI) will be held in Georgia, USA in April. Having this type of meeting at an international level is a clear indication of the significance of this disease.

We all know that AI is one of the most devastating diseases which has ever happened to the poultry industry. It was first identified in Italy more than 100 years ago and now, it is found worldwide. This disease repeatedly causes a lot of economical losses in poultry operations in different parts of the world, particularly in Asia. Based on the daily updates published on the website of World Health Organization (WHO), cases of human infection and death due to AI virus are continually reported.

AI and more importantly, the possibility of a flu pandemic were among the favorite topics for news agencies all around the world during 2005-2007. There is no doubt that AI remains as a serious threat to the poultry industry and human cases of avian flu continue to occur.

The questions now are: How much science was really behind all those panic during 2005-2007? Why AI has not been a priority for the media lately?  In my opinion, global economic turmoil, elections and regional wars have been in the center of attention.

Please share your opinions here. 

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    A-I has to be accepted as a part of poultry problems and everybody attached to poultry industry should be mentally prepare to face it. Science has important roll to play by developing vaccines. But this will again add to cost and add to more stress to poultry. To ease out of these problem to whole poultry industry, where A-I outbreak is declared, zoning system should be worked out so that except affected area business of other poultry area can be normally carried out, specially Export activity to be saved from great economic losses .

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