Articles by Mojtaba Yegani

foto: Ronald Hissink
06-10-2011 | Expert opinion

Feed enzymes: Where do we go?

Challenges of the poultry industry
30-05-2011 | Expert opinion

Challenges of the poultry industry

“Mycotoxins 2011”
07-03-2011 | Expert opinion

“Mycotoxins 2011”

15-11-2010 | Expert opinion

Phytase enzyme: what is next?

03-09-2010 | Expert opinion

European Poultry Conference 2010

13-11-2009 | Expert opinion

Mycotoxins and the 2009 US harvest

09-10-2009 | Expert opinion

Combating Coccidiosis

19-08-2009 | Expert opinion

Alternative feed ingredients

16-07-2009 | Expert opinion

Summer and heat stress

Mojtaba Yegani

Mojtaba Yegani received his DVM degree from faculty of Veterinary Medicine of University of Tehran, Iran. He has worked for several years in the poultry industry in Iran. He got his MSc degree in poultry nutrition (toxicology) from department of Animal and Poultry Science, University of Guelph, Canada. He is now doing his PhD on poultry nutrition/metabolism at department of Agricultural, Food and Nutritional Science of University of Alberta, Canada. Mojtaba is already a regular contributor to World Poultry magazine.