Alltech establishes US mycotoxin hotline

Alltech, maker of mycotoxin binders, have established the 'Mycotoxin Hotline' to reply to questions from US grain growers.

Delays in the North American corn harvest have brought about concerns over mycotoxin contamination, particularly toxins produced by Fusarium molds including DON (vomitoxin), zearalenone, and fusaric acid.

The hotline, in addition to sponsorship of the www.knowmycotoxins.com website, is designed to provide producers and feed mill professionals a quick route to answers and a centralized point of access to references and industry experts.

In the US Mycotoxin Hotline can be accessed toll-free at 866-322-3484.

"Mycotoxins in feedstuffs have long been a problem for animal agriculture and this year appears to be one of the worst years on record," said Alltech director of global research, Dr. Karl Dawson.

"Through the mycotoxin hotline, producers across North America have access to our expertise on mycotoxins and mycotoxicosis."


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