Cobb successful in eastern European markets

Parent stock sales exceeding 10 million this year brought added celebrations to the Cobb Germany's three-day Christmas conference for managers from the 21 countries of its distribution area.

James Truscott, director of Cobb Germany, told the event at a farm near Leipzig, about the increasing success of the Cobb 500 in central and Eastern Europe. Cobb is specifically used on large scale integrations in this region.

The annual event provided a good opportunity to share knowledge on maximising returns on high quality meat production - an advantage for the up-to-date meat industry in Europe, according to Mr. Truscott.
Leopold Graf von Drechsel, general manager of Cobb Germany, added: “There will be competitive pressure for central and western Europe from eastern European countries, when chicken meat imports are permitted by the EU authorities. These professional integrations are mainly working with the Cobb 500.”

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