Kiotechagil's Credence for salmonella reduction

Water quality is often the overlooked source of Salmonella and other pathogen infections. Kiotechagil's Credence has been proved to be highly effective in controlling on farm contamination.

Poor water quality has both a direct and an indirect effect as it can carry pathogens and also encourage horizontal transmission of disease at the drinker.

In tests, Kiotechagil’s Credence has been proved to be highly effective in controlling on farm contamination because:
-          It provides simple, precise dosing using water soluble effervescing tablets.
-          It acidifies the water, potentiating a wide spectrum of activity.
-          It supplies a unique reservoir effect, prolonging activity in the presence of organic matter.

A recent study was undertaken at an integrated poultry unit which had repeatedly high Salmonella ELISA scores and high bacterial counts from a deep well water source.

In the study Kiotechagil’s Credence was subsequently used to chlorinate the water to 5ppm available chlorine.

“The results were excellent,” said Kiotechagil Director David Bullen. “The study concluded that total bacterial counts achieved at the end of the water pipeline had fallen significantly due to the application of Credence and improved management practices. Salmonella ELISA scores fell as a direct result of water chlorination with Credence and an improved washing and general disinfectant programme.”

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