News update:Mar 25, 2009

Website helps livestock producers going organic

Purdue University has introduced a new website that aims at helping livestock producers in the transition to growing organic products.

TheOrganic and Alternative Livestock Production Systems website deals mainly with poultry, pork, beef/dairy and large ruminants, goats, sheep and small ruminants. Additionally, it looks into the topics of forage and pasture management, and processing information, amongst other topics.

"This website is geared toward providing producers the information they need to get started in not only organic livestock production, but also grass-fed beef and pasture-raised pork and poultry, as well," said a Purdue Extension animal sciences specialist and website coordinator Paul Ebner.

"Producers will learn what changes they will need to make to their existing practices to raise US Department of Agriculture-certified organic livestock, the kinds of feed that are allowable under the USDA standard and how to properly process organic livestock."

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